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National Coffee Academy (NCA) is an independent private organization working with national and global development organizations empowering people with disabilities and promoting an inclusive coffee value chain from Nepal to the world. We are sharing our coffee knowledge with all and amplifying the voices of people with disabilities associated with the coffee sector because an inclusive society is better for all!

The NCA is the inclusive (accessible / disabled-friendly) coffee training center in Kathmandu run by Q Graders & Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs). It was established in 2010, as the then ‘Coffee Information Center’(कफी सुचना केन्द्र, बल्खु).

In 2020, realizing the importance of social inclusion in the coffee value chain, NCA has started an accessible Barista Training School dedicated to people with different disabilities. The Disability-inclusive and Deaf Barista Training course is given at the accessible training venue located at Narephate, Koteshwor, Kathmandu which is consciously designed for deaf, aspiring coffee professionals, students going abroad, and migrant workers.

NCA Barista training center is considered one of the top culinary training institutions in Nepal and the best barista and coffee training school in Nepal.

Our Story

National Coffee Academy has started its journey in 2010 as the ‘Coffee Information Center’ (कफी सुचना केन्द्र, बल्खु) with the main objective to sensitize the ‘specialty coffee’ concept and the promotion of high grade Nepal Coffee produced by small holders.

Later, in 2015, an additional group of passionate specialty coffee professionals were teamed up and the center has been reorganized and renamed as Nepal Coffee Consulting (NCC) which is now working as the resource center for the development of Nepali coffee sector. NCC has partnered with Coffee Strategies, an international coffee consulting company to implement bigger projects.

Our team consist of experienced farmers, agronomists, Q graders, processors, roasters, exporters, technicians, value chain & sustainability experts, market analysts and trade experts. The primary objective of NCC is to help promoting Nepali coffee industry by providing professional consultancy services to farmers, cooperatives, coffee related entrepreneurs, coffee companies, I/NGOs, government and coffee related stake-holders.

Our Founders

Raj Kumar Banjara, Ph.D. is the first Q Arabica Grader & Specialty Coffee Educator in Nepal. Dr. Banjara is the Certified Trainer for Coffee Processing, Grading, Roasting, Barista, Brewing, Sensory, and Sustainability. He has served to the Government of Nepal as the Board Member of the Nepal Tea & Coffee Development Board. He is the founder of HimalayanArabica® Coffee Brand and the former Director of Nepal Philosophical Research Center.

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Nima Tenzing Sherpa is the certified Arabica Q Grader, SCA Roaster, Barista and Coffee Processor. He has been growing coffee since 2008 and has been an active member of the specialty coffee association of America since 2012 and Nepal Tea & Coffee Development Board.

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Why NCA is the best coffee training center in Nepal?

  • Offers the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and professionally designed coffee training, CQI accredited courses, Roasting & Barista classes, and SCA courses in an internationally recognized, accessible coffee training facility,
  • Dedicated to the development of easy, simple, and accessible disability-inclusive coffee technical education and vocational training materials,
  • The coffee courses are consciously designed by qualified educationists and classes are run by talented experienced trainers,
  • Backed up by the coffee legends and pioneers,
  • Having their own internship centers, NCA is the workshop for coffee learners & professionals.

NCA is operating separate schools for Barista training and Roasting Training School and many coffee experts considered the school as one of the best barista and coffee roasting training centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. NCA is listed as one of the top culinary training institutions in Nepal dedicated to people with disabilities.

The course content of our barista class complies with the SCA Barista Skills program and the course content of our roasting class complies with the SCA Roasting Skills program. NCA Barista training center is an ideal place for all passionate espresso home Barista, homebrewers, jobseekers, and coffee lovers looking to learn a real professional style of Italian espresso, cappuccinos, and latte arts.

Our Training Facilities

We are running a separate school for Barista Training and Roasting Training. Our Barista School is a fully disability-inclusive wheelchair accessible training centre.  We are offering barista training for the deaf on a monthly basis.

  • Disability Inclusive Training Venue audited by concerned organizations
  • Run by the Q Graders and ASTs
  • Practical Roasting and Barista Course for Business
  • Highly competitive and renowned trainers

Our Team


Co-Founder and Head of Training

Founder, Q Grader; Authorized SCA Trainer; Specialty Coffee Educator, Consultant, and Head of Training at NCA

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Co-Founder and Processing Expert

Certified Arabica Q Grader, SCA Roaster, Barista and Coffee Processor

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Co-Founder & PMER Expert

Dr. Karki is a Sociologist working in the field of development and research for last ten years.


Agriculture Expert

Mr. Dinesh Jamarkattel is an agriculture expert with over five years of experience in the coffee sector.

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I’ve been actively working in coffee industry since 2016 & have several great experiences & achievements in coffee. It is a privilege to be associated with NCA.

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Adviser – Inclusion

Dr. Poudel has a thirty-year committed history of development, research, and feminist work in Nepal, the south, east and central Asia, western Europe, and North Africa with various organizations including Oxfam, USAID, UN systems, and academia.


Coffee Value Chain Expert

Founder of Coffee Strategies, USA is a coffee market, value chain, and international trade consultant with seventeen years’ experience.


Trainer- Brewing

Living in Nepal for 14 years, Promoter Home brew coffee & Japanese coffee culture in Nepal

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Manish Poudel
Manish Poudel
.Friendly nature make us easy to understand abt coffee too fast.......how time goes .......our group didn't realize it.....we had a great time and memories ...fun ..and mainly one thing is that I have tasted many varieties of coffee which I haven't listen that coffee name ........lastly thanks for member of this coffee acamedy to share their experience to our group .....
Ashim Kaucha
Ashim Kaucha
Ekdom ramro malai santusti milyo national coffe aayerw mero skill improve vayo thank you national coffee 😻
Mamata Niroula
Mamata Niroula
VerRy good
It was a very good experience learning about coffee through experienced teachers in NCA. I got to learn about coffee in a very supportive and friendly environment. Thanks for the opportunity
Sans Kar
Sans Kar
I'll consider it as the best barista training center as well as best cafe in my experience. You should visit once I'll say to get the best coffee experience here. Mentors are really friendly as well as helpful..
Sanu Tamang
Sanu Tamang
I have been searching for a professional barista training centre in Kathmandu Nepal and I find National Coffee Academy as the best barista training institute in Nepal. Now I can prepare most of the popular coffee drinks like cafe latte, cappuccinos, mocha and also hand brew coffee like pour over V60, Turkish Coffee, moka pot coffee and other special beverages like affagato, conpana, smoothie bowls, and more. Thank you team NCA..
Maksood Rahaman
Maksood Rahaman
With your guidance I has developed into a confident and capable level🥰🥰 Excellent communication skill The way the trainer began the session and steered it towards the topic of discussion was very candid and it is an amazing skill and through the conversation he made me understand that how effectful🥰🥰 Many new things have learn and seen from the class Thanks for giving your valuable time Love and respect to you ❤️❤️❤️
Dina Gurung
Dina Gurung
NCA is the best place to learn barista ♥️

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