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Make An Appointment for Coffee Consultation with Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara, Coffee Consultant, AST & Arabica Q-Grader

सशुल्क कफी परामर्श सेवा

Thank you for your interest in meeting for a coffee consultation with me.

I can help you:

If you are looking for support, guidance, and insight into the specialty coffee sector.

How to Book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by filling out the form below (form filling time ~1 min) or by clicking here for a brief meeting.

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Important:  I have been doing coffee for last more than two decades and providing coffee consultation service in Nepal free of charge until the start of the COVID pandemic. After the pandemic, my trading business has suffered and I have to think about an alternative source of income. This is why I have started charging for the coffee consultation services.

I have tried to make the fee reasonable based on the quality of the consultation and the outcome.

Tip: Please check below for other long-term and short-term services available.

Paid Coffee Meeting Charges

Duration Cost for one person (for additional person Rs. 500/person)
30 Minutes Nrs. 1500
1 Hour Nrs. 2500

Note: For field visits, Coffee Quality checks, and other technical services please contact me and we will fix the charges.

To fix the meeting appointment:

  1. Pay the amount (Paying options mentioned below),
  2. Call/Text me for reconfirmation of the meeting.
  3. If you have any questions to discuss please feel free to reach me through the contact us page  

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