Coffee Meeting with
Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara

सशुल्क कफी परामर्श सेवा

Dear Coffee Enthusiasts,

Thank you for showing interest in my coffee consultancy services.

I appreciate your time and look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your journey to coffee excellence.

I can help you:

  • to provide guidance and support to address your inquiries about the Nepalese coffee industry.
  • to skip the trial-and-error stages of starting and growing your coffee business or
  • to enlighten your coffee wisdom.

I am confident that:

the wealth of skills, extensive experience, and access to my extensive network will significantly contribute to your success in the coffee business. Embracing these resources together, we can cultivate a path toward excellence and prosperity in your coffee venture.

How to Get Started /  How much do I charge:

  1. Free of Charge: for needy farmers only (the real farmers!)
  2. Charges: for a general inquiry, survey/ market research questionnaire session (up to 20 minutes – 2 pax max).
  3. Charges: for coffee consultation (up to 45 mins – 2 pax max).
  4. Tailored Consultation – Customized Pricing for Your Needs: Fill out the form below. In the form I have a few questions to understand your needs, allowing me to tailor my consultation service effectively and calculate the cost for you. Once you submit the form you will be contacted to deposit the service charges and to schedule the meeting.
  5. Terms of Payment: Advance payment through the QR code or my bank details on this page.

Cheers to a future brewed with success!

Warm regards,
Raj Kumar Banjara, PhD

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  1. For field visits, Coffee Quality checks, and other technical services please contact me and we will customize the pricing based on your Needs.

If you have any questions to discuss please feel free to reach me through my social media  or through the contact us page