Coffee Consultancy Service in Kathmandu

Coffee Consultancy Service in Kathmandu by Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara, Coffee Coach, AST & Arabica Q-Grader

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I can help you:

to skip the trial-and-error stages of starting and growing a coffee business.

I am confident that:

the wealth of skills, extensive experience, and access to my extensive network will significantly contribute to your success in the coffee business. Embracing these resources together, we can cultivate a path toward excellence and prosperity in your coffee venture.

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🌟 Welcome to the World of Coffee Excellence with Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara! 🌟

Dear Coffee Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and Startup Ventures,

Greet the aroma of success and the rich flavor of experience! We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all coffee startups and businesses to embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee excellence with Nepal Coffee Academy – your gateway to the world of distinguished coffee expertise.

Meet our visionary and accomplished Coffee Coach, Raj Kumar Banjara, PhD., a luminary in the coffee trade since 1995. With a robust background as a coffee farmer, roaster, exporter, and esteemed educator, Dr. Banjara has elevated coffee knowledge to new heights in Nepal. As the first Arabica Q Grader in the country, an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association’s Trainer (AST), and a coffee shop owner, Dr. Banjara stands at the forefront of the coffee revolution in Nepal.

A Glimpse into Dr. Banjara’s Achievements:

Why Choose Dr. Banjara as Your Coffee Consultant?

  1. Diverse Expertise: Having navigated all facets of the coffee value chain – from cultivation and processing to roasting and exporting – Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara possesses a holistic understanding of what defines exceptional coffee quality.
  2. Proven Success: As the driving force behind South Asian Traders, Greenland Organic Farm, Kaidako Coffee House, and Nepal Coffee Academy in Kathmandu, Dr. Banjara translates experience into success stories.
  3. Recognized Authority: With accolades such as being the first Arabica Q Grader and serving on the Executive Board, working with growers and cooperatives, is a trusted authority in the Nepalese coffee industry.

Coffee Consultation Session and Fee: Benefit from Dr. Banjara’s wealth of knowledge through personalized coffee consultancy sessions. Whether you seek advice on farming practices, processing, export & logistics, roasting techniques, or business strategy, Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara is your go-to Coffee Coach.

Service Charge:

  • Rs. 3000 per session (30 minutes) – Group size: 1 to 3 people max
  • Rs. 5000 per hour. Group size: 1 to 3 people max

Note: For big group consultations (more than 3 people), charges will be discussed and finalized based on your unique needs.

How to Get Started: To book your consultation and take the first step toward coffee excellence, simply reach out to his email rkbktm (at) gmail dot com. Embrace the opportunity to refine your coffee business, enhance your skills, and savor the sweet taste of success.

Join hands with Dr. Banjara and Nepal Coffee Academy in redefining the coffee landscape in Nepal. Elevate your coffee venture to unprecedented heights – because great coffee begins with great guidance!

Cheers to a future brewed with success!

Warm regards,

Raj Kumar Banjara, Coffee Professional

Note: For field visits, Coffee Quality checks, and other technical services please contact me and we will fix the charges.

To fix the meeting appointment:

  1. Schedule a meeting through email or WhatsApp.
  2. Pay the amount (Paying options mentioned here),
  3. If you have any questions to discuss please feel free to reach me through the contact us page

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