📢 Public Statement: National Coffee Academy Unveils New Name and Logo! 🌟

Dear coffee enthusiasts and valued stakeholders,

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey toward excellence in the world of coffee. Today, we proudly unveil our transformed identity as the “Nepal Coffee Academy” along with a fresh and captivating new logo keeping the old spirits and essence of the former logo.

The decision to rebrand from the National Coffee Academy to the Nepal Coffee Academy reflects our commitment to continual growth, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection in all aspects of coffee culture. As we evolve, it is imperative that our name and logo resonate with the essence of our mission and aspirations.

Why the Change?
The change is more than cosmetic – it embodies our dedication to raising the bar for coffee education, fostering sustainable practices, and nurturing a profound appreciation for coffee in Nepal and beyond. Our new identity represents our vision to not just be an institution, but a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for all things coffee related.

Our Fresh Logo:

Our new logo, a harmonious fusion of tradition, and modernity, encapsulates the rich heritage of Nepalese coffee cultivation while embracing the dynamic spirit of innovation. The vibrant retro colors and the vintage theme symbolize the diversity of coffee flavors and the vibrant community that thrives within our institute.

As the Nepal Coffee Academy (NCA), we remain steadfast in our mission to empower coffee enthusiasts, farmers, baristas, and industry professionals like Q graders and ASTs with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the realm of coffee. This transition marks a chapter of renewed commitment, growth, and opportunity.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey so far, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support as we embark on this exciting new phase. Together, let us create a legacy of excellence that will elevate Nepal’s presence on the global coffee stage.
Stay connected with us through our new digital presence and be a part of our shared passion for coffee excellence.


Warmest regards,
Raj Kumar Banjara, PhD
Co-Founder & Managing Director,
Nepal Coffee Academy (formerly National Coffee Academy)