At the NCA School of Roasting, we teach the art of coffee roasting, plain, simple and practical. No too much of slideshows. No boaring lectures explaining the history and all. Just a hands-on approach, so our students can roast with confidence & apply it to their coffee roasting business.

The NCA Coffee Roasting School prides itself on being one of the best coffee Training Centers in Nepal. In addition to our Roasting Courses, we teach coffee classes and workshops to provide a well-rounded education.

Our Coffee roasting class is a multi-day course for beginner, intermediate or advanced coffee roasters. There’s something for everyone in this interactive roasting workshop that takes place in our roastery classroom.

Learn hands-on roasting techniques on several different roasters; a 300g electric gene café, classic pan roaster, a 1-kilo Bullet sample roaster; a 1 kilo Toper Cafemino, a 1-kilo Millcity North, and a 15 kilo local made commercial drum roaster, among others. Interactive roasting & cupping exercises take place daily in a small classroom setting.

Lead Instructor: Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara, Q Grader & AST

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