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Date of the Training Event: 22nd February 2023
Location of the Training Event: Training Hall of National Coffee Academy


The major objective of Green Coffee Grading Training for people with disabilities is to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to evaluate the quality of green coffee beans accurately. Green coffee grading involves assessing the physical characteristics of coffee beans, such as size, shape, color, and density, and assigning them a grade based on established standards. This grading system is crucial for ensuring that coffee farmers receive a fair price for their crops and that buyers can purchase high-quality coffee that meets their specific needs.
By providing training in green coffee grading, people with disabilities can develop a valuable skill set that can lead to employment opportunities in the coffee industry. This training also helps promote inclusion and diversity in the industry and provides people with disabilities with a sense of empowerment and independence. Additionally, the training can help promote sustainable practices in the coffee industry by ensuring that only high-quality beans are sold, which can lead to better prices for farmers and a more environmentally friendly supply chain. Overall, the Green Coffee Grading Training for People with Disabilities aims to promote social and economic inclusion while also supporting sustainable practices in the coffee industry.


People with disabilities. There were 11 participants ( 7 female and 4 male) out of which 4 of them were wheelchair users (3 female and 1 male). The rest of the participants were having physical disabilities. The age of most of the participants was between 21 to 30 years.

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