Himalayan Ayurvedic Processed Coffee: A Next Generation Of Carbonic Maceration

Himalayan Ayurvedic Processed Coffee is the unique type of carbonic maceration processed coffee developed at the lap of Mt. Everest, Nepal. It is the Greenland Organic Farm’s unique experimental coffee processing technique curated by Dr. Raj Kumar Banjara in March 2020.

In this process, he put the well ripe and meticulously sorted whole coffee cherry into the airtight stainless steel fermentation bucket and sealed it to generate a good carbonic environment so as to enhance the aromatic & flavorful characteristics of the inherent enzymes from the arabica bourbon coffee.

Various variables like temperature, time, sugar, water activity, pH, etc. have been taken care of to avoid overfermentation and unwanted flavor development in the fermentation process.
For this particular processing lot, Dr. Banjara has developed his own recipe by adding his unique ingredients made with local yeasts and sugar molasses to ensure the right growth of microorganisms into the cherries.

Cupping Notes: It was found that the aroma is perceived as winey but sparkling with high intensity of aromas, great smell of ayurvedic herbs and spices bring the unique taste and distinct ayurvedic properties to the cup from which it derives its name as the ‘Himalayan Ayurvedic Processed Coffee’ Some of our Japanese tasters found marshmallow and we found more of pleasing medicinal ayurvedic syrups like Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) and Kasturi Bhusan

This unique taste with distinct ayurvedic herbs and spices is a very satisfying cup of joy – the Jewel of Asian Coffee.