Who is Mr. Nima?

Certified Arabica Q Grader, SCA Roaster, Barista and Coffee Processor

Mr. Sherpa is the certified Arabica Q Grader, SCA Roaster, Barista and Coffee Processor. He has been growing coffee since 2008 and has been an active member of the specialty coffee association of America since 2012 and Nepal Tea & Coffee Development Board.Producing organic specialty coffees since 2013 and successfully exporting his single estate lots to the specialty buyers in the US and Europe, Mr. Sherpa has been an active advocate for specialty coffees in Nepal.

He is passionate about coffee and has always been in the move to produce the best quality coffees from Nepal. Being a coffee producer himself, Nima has the knowledge to produce fine specialty coffees in Nepal and has been trying to promote single origin Nepalese coffees in the international market. Besides working on his farm he is actively involved in training coffee producers around Nepal to produce specialty coffees all the way from picking only the red ripe cherries to teaching them the different ways of processing coffees.

About Lekali Coffee Estate:

Lekali Coffee Estate was founded in 2008 with a mission of producing organic specialty coffees from Nepal and has been producing specialty coffees since 2013. Since its inception Lekali coffee has been successful in exporting its coffees in the international specialty market and recently has achieved a 90 points Specialty coffee score from the prestigious “ Coffee Review .com” website which in itself is a remarkable achievement in coffee quality. The Estate only uses organic fertilizers—typically a natural mixture of cow manure, molasses, and tree leaves—and the farm is planted with Arabica coffee trees. From Arabica species, the dominant varietals at the farm are Typica and Caturra. The estate’s main processing method is washed. Coffee pickers are trained to pick only ripe cherries at the perfect point of maturation. After picking, the coffee is depulped and the mucilage coat is removed. After depulping the fermentation process starts. After the mucilage breaks down during fermentation, the coffee gets pre-dried to remove surface water. The moisture level of the final product during drying process is 12 percent, which is achieved slowly on raised beds.

The Nepal specialty coffee scene is still in the process of growing and developing. Tenzing is one of the few passionate people trying to make a difference in the specialty coffee scene in Nepal.


  • Coffee Farmer/Producer at Lekali Coffee Estate
  • Coffee Processor
  • Certified Arabica Q Grader
  • Coffee Quality Institute Coffee Processing Professional
  • AST
  • Sustainable Coffee Institute Certified Coffee Processor
  • SCI (Sustainable Coffee Institute) coffee processing instructor
  • Member of SCA since 2012
  • Member of Nepal Tea & Coffee Board

Present position:

  • Director at Lekali Coffee Estate.
  • Project leader for Coffee Abhyas Nepal
  • Founder of National Coffee Academy